Walling Stone – The Slate from The Giant Mountains

It takes the form of irregularly shaped tiles. It’s suitable for retaining walls or layered masonry and serves as decorative garden stone.

Product information: Walling Stone is an excellent material for: finishing plinths of buildings, creating elements of small architecture in the garden (stone for rockeries, stone for paths, garden stairs, retaining walls, flower walls, pergolas, gazebos, grills and outdoor fireplaces), for building walls with a high aesthetic level. It guarantees the durability of the building thanks to appropriate strength parameters.

Seize: from 10 × 20 cm ÷ 40 × 40 cm

Thickness: 2 ÷ 6 cm

Approximate weight of one stone: up to 15 kg

Efficiency for 1 ton of stone: 0,60÷0,85 m3

The goods are delivered on non-returnable pallets with dimensions of: 0,8 × 1,2 m.