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History of the Mine

            The „Kapella” Mine was established in the late 1960s. The deposit contains a limestone and a metamorphic slate. The slate is characterized by a great variability of colors – from cream shades, through beige, ash and gray to various shades of green. The limestone deposit occur in cream color with streaks in various shades – from pink, through blue to gray. This stone has a high aesthetic value. It can be successfully used in garden architecture, as well as for interior and exterior finishing of buildings.

Initially, the aggregate mined in “Kapella” was used by The Świerzawa Commune County Road Administration Board, while in the 1970s the mine was transferred to private hands. Since then, „Kapella” has had three different owners. In 2021 „The Alchemix Surowce z Wrocławia” became the owner of the mine. Currently, the deposit is used for decorative assortment for gardens and interior finishing materials.

The mine is located in Złotoryja County, in Świerzawa Commune, on the southern ridge of the Kaczawskie Mountains, on the road 365 between Dziwiszów and Podgórki. In the vicinity of the mine you may find picturesque, fresh mountain meadows with habitats of interesting specimens of flora and fauna are found. From the mine area there is a panoramic view of the Sudetes.

            Due to the geographical location of the mine, the mining is seasonaly. Long periods of winter and lingering snow cover make exploitation possible only in the period from spring to late autumn.



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